A superb merger of dream and architecture.

                A new form of art and visual language

  Representation at 1:87 of façades, buildings and architectural components in order to create unique, exceptional works.

 The very special nature of these


works is due to the addition of


colour by an artist who, through


his own vision of the structure and


his own feelings, manages to


transform the materials and give


the object its soul. This


interpretation often provokes, in


the viewers, the wish to enter these


dwellings to experience them


personally, and they quite


naturally begin to dream and


imagine their own existence in


these reinterpreted pieces of



The choice of a model to recreate is


never by chance.


It is the fruit of research and a


personal approach, the architecture


must seduce us and awaken in us


emotions, reactions, we must be


enchanted by the beauty of the work.

Whether you are a collector of


objets d’art, passionately


interested in architecture or a lover


of beautiful items of decoration,


these works presented in a


“painting-showcase” will be ideal


ornaments for a quality interior,


whatever the style of place where


they will be presented.

We have given special attention to the


presentation display cases. They let you


forget their technical nature in favour of


the design and are created in such a way


that they can be displayed on a wall, like


a painting, or placed on their base.


We also do custom work based on


documents, including photos that may


                                                                                  even be old.


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